"Progress Is Guaranteed The Moment You Commit
Your Life Into The Hands Of God"

"Commit your work to the Lord, and then your plans will succeed,"
Proverbs 16:3 (NLT)

"And my blessings are for the Gentiles, too, when they commit themselves to the Lord."
Isaiah 56:3 (NLT)


No one desires to go through life without making significant progress. God placed within every person a craving to succeed. All of us want to get better, do more, and help others achieve their dreams. Those desires are given to us by God. Nevertheless, progress is only guaranteed to those who choose to commit their lives to Him, having cut, scraped, and eroded away the very core of their old lives.

It is only a matter of time before we see those who have yet to commit their lives to God cry out for help. Although they may have all the possessions one could want, their internal lives are in shambles, crumbling away into particles of raw dust. God always begins on the inside before He ever manifests on the outside. True progress is when one commits his life and plans to the Lord, allowing Him to guide and lead his steps. As we commit our work to the Lord, our plans succeed.

Why not choose to give God not part, but your entire life? He deserves it. God desires to make you and I great; all He requests is our compliance! When presented with the possibility of losing everything he had worked for so tirelessly, John the Baptist said, "I must decrease and He must increase." That means that the more we pursue God, the less we desire the pleasurable things this world has to offer, thereby causing great progress to be made.

Inspirational Writing By: Robb D. Thompson

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