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History of the Texas State Council

In early 1900, persons who had enjoyed the Pentecostal experience traveled from Indiana to Houston, Texas. They came to preach and teach holiness, and many in Houston accepted Jesus as their Savior. Many of the Houston saints had relatives who lived in San Antonio to whom they witnessed, and who received the Word and were saved. Those saints from Houston were invited to San Antonio where the gospel was preached and spread like wild fire. Bishop G. T. Haywood, the presiding bishop of the newly formed Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, was asked to send a minister to San Antonio to baptize the new converts.

Bishop Robert C. Lawson, who later founded the Refuge Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ organization, was sent by Bishop Haywood to San Antonio. He began to baptize the saints in the name of Jesus. The number of persons who accepted Christ and were saved grew mightily. Bishop Lawson was so affected by the great move of God in Texas that he began field evangelism.

Upon the departure of Bishop Lawson, Elder D. A. Chenault was sent to Texas, and under his leadership, many souls were saved. Lincoln Park Temple, then located on Iowa Street, became the headquarters for the Texas State Council churches. As the gospel spread throughout Texas, many other ministers became a part of the movement. These included such men as Elder Wilkerson, Elder North, Elder Sanders and Elder Wauls. Also, there were great women who pioneered the Texas State Council, such as Sister Menkens, Sister Lewis, Sister Davis, Sister Sinclair and Sister Smith.

The Texas State Council is thankful to God for his blessings over the past 100 years. During this period of time the Texas State Council has flourished with the leadership of five anointed Diocesan Bishops. Our first Diocesan Bishop was David T. Schultz. He was succeeded by Bishop Emeritus Robert A. Wauls. Bishop William A. Ellis was our third Diocesan whom was followed by Bishop Norman L. Wagner in 2006. Bishop Wagner served until his death in January 2010 and at that time Bishop Richard E. Young was accepted as interim Diocesan with the approval of the Presiding Prelate Bishop Horace E. Smith. In October 2010 Bishop Richard E. Young was installed as the fifth Diocesan Bishop of the Texas State Council.

These great men of God each brought to this diocese a unique style of leadership. Each administration brought visionary leadership to the Texas State Council, allowing it to grow. These visionaries helped to solidify the largest geographical diocese in the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World. Their efforts have been reflected in church growth, fiscal responsibility and effective administration. A legacy of devoted leadership has been presented for our fifth diocesan bishop.

Information obtained from archive Souvenir Book 2005 & updates from Suffragan Bishop David Sanders, Sr.
and Evangelist Shirley Johnson. Rewritten and Submitted by Sister Vicky Miles.

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